Artisan Breads & Yeast Favourites

Visit our bakers before even dawn breaks and you’ll witness magical maturing sourdough that has proved overnight, puff up with a golden crust and soft, chewy, complex crumb, as they come out of the oven. The mixing, resting folding of our sourdough, along with the delicate but technical moulding of each loaf by dedicated artisans each and every day. The dedicated craftsmen and women who ensure the toasted seeds, grain or nuts, olives, fruits or herbs are perfectly balanced in each loaf, round or baguette are rewarded by the smell of freshly baked bread that you’ll enjoy in your own home.

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Olive & Rosemary Ciabatta

Trio of Sourdough Breads: Traditional White, Dark Rye and Soy & Linseed

Fig n’ Fennel Seed Sourdough

Roasted Potato and Rosemary Sourdough

Earl Gray Tea Fruit Sourdough